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This is a beautiful ink rendering. :) Here is how I judge a picture: whether it looks good full-scale AND looks good in a thumbnail, and...

I am pleased to say that I have now read the entire comic. :) Rather than focus on this one page, I wanted to give comments on the comic...

I can't decide if the strongest part of the work is Éowyn, or the shading: oh well, I'll discuss shading first. The shading is effectiv...

The first thing I like is your line-work: whether it's between the fingers, the edges of the skirt, or the curve of the lower leg, the ...


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You who give to beauty,
A sweet air of philosophy.
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Why I Do What I Do
This one's gonna be looooong, and a bit meandering, so bear with me, but I'm making it in response to a DA friend of mine who is going through some tough times.
First:  let me do my usual journal plugs, because I've got some new stuff that I think y'all would be interested in:
One is a comic that I cannot BELIEVE I haven't mentioned yet, a little bit of fantasy goodness called Shadows In The Library.  It has a cool, middle-eastern feel, a really awesome cartoony style, and an interesting fantasy story. It reminds me of the old Aladdin cartoon that came out in the 90's.  It's on Webtoons, but they also have a cool profile on DA, so check it out.
Another bad boy I've been reading is a super dark comic by SadoAlice called The Essie cycle.  It follows the adventures of a mentally disturbed young girl named Esther and her demonic bunny doll, Pancake, as they run amok and try to survive in a Dickensonian mad house run by the kin
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White Magic [collab] by LualaDy White Magic [collab] :iconlualady:LualaDy 52 6 Ingrained by Evanira Ingrained :iconevanira:Evanira 134 5 Gold by ChristinaMandy Gold :iconchristinamandy:ChristinaMandy 378 36
Draw This Again 2018 Announcement!
Hallo all! LokiDalton here to announce Rising-Artists' next big contest!
Feeling pretty excited? We sure do! In light of the new year, this contest is all based around the keyword improvement! Therefore, we decided to host a "Draw This Again" contest based on the well known and most beloved "Draw This Again" meme by Bampire
--->  <---
How to Enter
The aim is pretty simple: for this contest we want you to take a piece that you used to love, or a piece that you just want to redraw, and draw it again! Stick as close to the original as you can (same character, same pose, same expression, etc.) and show us how much you've improved!
Here is an example, but there are many more if you browse the "Draw This Again" tag!

Just give the rules below a quick read and you're ready to go!
You must keep to
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Hestia-Edwards's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I drew various things while in childhood and high school (actually, mostly dragons). After an art hiatus, I decided to try drawing comics. From July 2014 to April 2017 I drew pages for the comic "Concerning Rosamond Grey". Currently I'm writing the script and world-building for my second comic, and improving my art technique.

With my comics, I have two goals: one, to improve my comic art to a professional level; and two, to achieve this goal using only traditional methods. I get my inspiration from the works of Osamu Tezuka, Hagio Moto, Shigero Mizuki and Keiko Takemiya. I would also like to try having no physical or digital screen tone.

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Hello friends,

Well, I have been making progress on my Halaina sculpture, and I was so excited to show the progress photos in a long format like I did for my tutorials, but dA has given me the hardest time. It keeps saying my file is too big:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 6.31.00 PM by Hestia-Edwards

No problem, I thought. I would just downsize it like I did my tutorials. Usually, I might have to downsize to 70% or 60% on Affinity Photo (my cheaper version of Photoshop). However, even at 3%--yes, 3%--I still got the error message. Next I tried scaling it down on Gimp, as I use it to scale down my comic pages to load onto SmackJeeves or Tapastic. It still gave me the error. I thought for sure the image was small enough: is was even smaller than the tutorials I previously loaded. Just to be sure, I converted the collage MB size to megapixels to see how the size compares:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 6.31.32 PM by Hestia-Edwards

92.5 megapixels, and supposedly 200 megapixels are supported on dA. Hmmph. I considered that perhaps I was able to load my tutorials previously because I had Core, but I checked the date of my last tutorial, and it was after I finished my run of Core. 

Combined with people reporting that they can't purchase Core or transfer the membership to another person, combined with the fact that most of the time I can't open private messages in Safari, Opera or Chrome, combined with sometimes I can't get my stats to load nor can I individually remove watched items, I have to conclude: dA is no longer being supported as a website. I'm finding more and more glitches. Most of these I have tolerated to some extent, but now that I can't even share a collage of my sculpture progress, but can only load a photo at a time...I guess I can only conclude that I cannot invest in dA like I did in the past. When I get up and running with regular, finished projects, probably dA will not be the site of choice. I will have to consider other avenues.

I do have an Instagram account:…
Just opened a Pixiv today:

I also have a Patreon, and I'm debating about it's status. I noted that when I first opened the account, I got hundred's of views on my dA profile, and then nothing. I think at the time there was an algorithm, or perhaps a feature option, where new Patreon accounts are easily seen, and because I had a link to dA, people wandered from my mostly empty Patreon profile to dA, where I actually have content. If new accounts still get good visibility, it might be to my advantage to quit my current account, create all of the features and content to make it *pretty*, and then open another one when I actually have stuff on there. Even if I don't get patrons, I have successfully loaded my tutorials on there, and it might prove a better platform even if my stuff was visible for free. 

I still have a SmackJeeves account: , and I probably will load the Atannan (sequel) comic there as well. It is not friendly to non-comic art however, unless you want to make a HTML space from scratch. 

As for Webtoons, I have heard promising things about it, and I will try it at some point. I don't know how friendly it is for loading non-comic stuff, though. 

For other news, I've been working on the script of the sequel comic, the constructed language Nansha, the script for such, and of course the sculpture of Halaina, which you can see the head below:

Untitled by Hestia-Edwards

Well, that's it for now,

  • Listening to: Simon and Garfunkel
  • Drinking: Tea, because that's what I always drink

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